Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Changing Seasons

It is not here yet, but you can smell it on the evening breeze and feel it in the morning chill. The leaves on Red's favorite tree are starting to change color. Fall is coming very, very close. The signs of its coming are scattered throughout my days. Meetings - I'm a social worker with a practice in the schools and my date book has reappeared as a near constant companion in my life.

Last night at the barn I needed, for the first time in months, to turn the lights on to see what I was doing in the late evening. Yesterday I heard, muffled by the fog (y'all get a heatwave and we get fog this time of year), the sounds of geese passing overhead. We are moving closer to my favorite season.

Closer to fall means the end of summer, 2008 - a serious contender for the title of "Best Summer of My Life". My son bought his own home and left mine where he and his partner lived for a couple of years while saving up money. It was a tight fit. In his words, "It sucked living in your attic but it was worth it." Sucked for us all but definitely worth it.

This is the summer I've realized my lifelong (so it seems) dream of horse camping - AND I get to go again this weekend thanks to my friend Laura. I've ridden almost every day - read TONS, and considered myself so very BLESSED to have summers to enjoy. Love working in the schools!

This weekend I went to an outstanding barefoot trimming clinic with Linda Cowles. Visit her site at healthyhoof.com Linda practices a style of trimming called "Trimming from the Top" (ironfreehoof.com has a great protocol). I'm still working on my notes and will post them soon. Two themes were strongly emphasized throughout the day - Thrush and Diet. Linda believes thrush is responsible for many of the hoof issues folks struggle with. If your horse is doing endless transition, has shortened stride, or just won't stop with toe-first landings, you will welcome her article Thrush Treatments Revisited.

Pete Ramey's new article Feeding the Hoof is reverberating throughout the world of natural hoofcare and at Linda's clinic she stressed again and again - SUGAR = HOOF PROBLEMS. While these may be symptoms of systemic imbalance, a high carb diet feeds thrush and can create great risk of laminitic incidents. She recommended, along with Ramy, Dr. Eleanor Kellon's online course Nutrition as Therapy. I'll probably see you there.

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