Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Missing Leena

Yesterday I did not firmly shut my back door and while I was at work Leena, an aussie/kelpie mix, pushed it open and jumped the fence. She can fly over any fence but stays put when I am home, always wondered if she goes looking for me. I got Leena about 4 years ago from Bones Rescue. She was picked up by the Redding Animal Control when she was running down the street (probably jumped a fence) and Bones saved her from the pound.

Leena loves to be my "go along" dog - the dog who rides up to the ranch with me. She is my shadow as I move through my house, if I stop her nose bumps into me. A strong-willed dog, she likes to jump up, lick faces, and dash outside before she is invited. When I've been gone for awhile, she welcomes me home with tiny bites all over my hands. I miss her.

Thing is, Leena has run away about a dozen times. To deal with this I made her one of those tags that says, "I'm Leena" and gives my phone number. It recently came off and I did not get around to replacing it. Now, when she runs up to greet a stranger with her incredible cuteness, there will be no way for them to know to contact me. She is not at the pound. No one has answered my online lost adds. Wish Leena a safe journey. Wish us a speedy reunion. I really, really miss her.

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am so sorry to read this. I hope someone sees this and recognizes Leena or she finds her way home.