Monday, October 27, 2008

Red's and Lyra's Hoofs - May and Now

Here are pictures of Red's hoofs - May 13, 2008 to October 26, 2008. Progress has been slow but I do see some. We continue to battle thrush. I see progress on this front as well. I have done two trims since his "radical" trim by a friend in September. In the following photos the "May" shot is on top or on the left side of the photos.

Here is Lyra. Wow! I really see the difference in her feet. Her poor footsies were pretty messed up when I got her. Got a ways to go here too, she has thrush and we have just taken up the battle. Her wry hoof is much better.


Latigo Liz said...

Book tag!

CoyoteFe said...

Progress is good! I wish you beautiful horses light and good health.

Also, thnk you for your blog award! Very kind.