Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's In Your Tack Room?

My tack room is one of my favorite places on earth. Both my horses love it cuz they have figured out is where their crunchies live. If possible, they would squoosh their large selves right in next to me.

At Freshwater Stables we have a large, gorgeous old barn called "The Redwood Barn". It has four stalls but is primarily used to house tack rooms and as a place to tie, groom, feed, and catch up with your friends. My time to be with my horses and to ride starts about 5:30 each evening. I am fortunate to be single with child grown. The Redwood Barn's "Night Shift" is an eclectic group of women, strong of personality and full of passion for horses. They has become an important part of my horsey community.

I am constantly looking for ways to squeeze more into my tack room and to impose order on the amazing amount of horse gear and supplements that are crammed (artfully!) into a small place. My tackroom gets far more attention then my house. I strongly support the slogan "Horsework before Housework." Liz at Cowgirl Up recently did a beautiful piece about her gorgeous tack. Bet her tack room is equally impressive.

Me, I tend to ride in my Wintec Pro Dressage saddle, my Barefoot Cheyenne saddle, or bareback with a bareback pad. I have spent far too much money on saddle pads, but I want my horses to be comfy and I am a substantial woman for them to carry. I have a HAF endurance pad, Skito pad for my treeless, and a Supracor endurance which is my favorite. I want, no . . . I covet a Saddleright pad but can't really justify the expense.

Hanging on my tack room door are far too many halters, a couple of bitted bridles I rarely use, and my indispensable Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle. Both horses love it. I also keep a vet/1st aide kit hanging on my door. It is purple. When I first got Red I practiced taking his vitals so I would be able to do it calmly in a real emergency. I find having my stethoscope, banamine, thermometer, bandages, and medicines in one place has paid off when the adrenaline starts to pump.

I realize I have five or six saddles stacked at the back of my tack room. I've mentioned a couple - also have a western saddle, an old eventing saddle, and a gorgeous plantation saddle I impulsively purchased on e-bay.

My tack room may be chaotic and crowded, but it is full of good things that relate to what I love best - anything to do with horses. I spend more time there then in my own front room


Latigo Liz said...

If you only knew! I will do a reply post eventually, but let’s just keep it short here in comments for now...I don’t have an official tack room! Much to my dismay of course! But I get by and will elaborate on that in the future.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am here to ask you to help bunches and bunches of us blog for peace. It is an important part of my campaign for President.

I do so hope you have time it's a wonderful project.


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