Sunday, October 12, 2008

Won't Go, No Way, Not Done, Gonna STAY!!!!!!

There are times my red horse just cracks me up. And makes me wonder about things. Like tonight, time to go back out to the general pasture but Red just stopped and refused to go one inch further. Now I could have gotten big and asked again and then INSISTED that he move in the direction I chose. But I didn't. Instead I remembered something Linda Wahland of Creature Speak said in our animal communication session. She noted that Red is very communicative and frequently tries to tell me what he needs or wants. Communicative huh? There can be little doubt what this face is communicating.

There are many little rituals that we have come to share and enjoy. One is Red picks up his feet for me to work on and Red gets a crunchy piece of carrot. If I am slow, he will swing his head around and look at me expectantly. Tonight, looking at my horse striking a "ain't gonna go" pose, I thought of how Red loves to end his evenings. We stop by the tack room and he snuffs around inside, finds the bag of LMF Senior by the door, and plunges his head into its depths. There he stays, unable to see a thing around him, while he takes the tolerated two giant bites. Tonight Red didn't get his "stolen" bites of LMF.

Back to the barn I trudge, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Red follows with a very self-satisfied horsey smile on his face. I tie him, unload the new bag of LMF, open it, and let Red stroll to the tackroom door. With great seriousness he snuffs around, sticks his head in the bag, and takes his bites. Ritual complete he comes to stand beside me looking content, looking sure of himself and something more . . . looking very sure of who we are together. Together we slowly mosey our way to the general pasture gate and say our goodbyes for the night.

Walking back to my car I questioned my "giving in" to Red. It was a long, hard won process to establish myself as leader in our relationship. Lately I notice a different feel to things. Red is becoming so visible to me, I am learning to see deeper, listen differently. Our relationship is shifting into a partnership.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

I agree with you, you are not giving in you are becoming a partner. You pick the times when being the boss truly matters and allow him to make choices when they really don't. I think that allowing the horse to be the "boss" once in a while (when the situation allows for it) keeps us from getting into a pissing match with them.
Red sounds like he trusts you enough to be talking to you...that just rocks

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Congratulations! You have recieved an award...go here to pick it up

Strawberry Lane said...

Talk about communication! I'd say the two of you are partners. Congrats on keeping your part of the bargain. No competition. A deal is a deal!

Victoria Cummings said...

You're just letting Red know that you're listening - The leader of the herd always takes care of the rest of the gang. With all my animals, food routines are sacred rituals that build their trust. For Red, it's so much more than just an extra two bites of Senior chow.