Monday, November 17, 2008

Legalize Equine Slaughter? Horse Meat on American Tables?

Horses are in trouble! Again. Seems like their relationship with humans tends to put them in harm's way over and over and over. In this time of escalating economic peril, more and more horse owners are finding they cannot provide for their horses. Breeding farms and ranches are closing by the fist full. Rescue blogs describe hundreds of horses who need sanctuary. Within this rising flood of desperate need are online discussion board conversations debating what to do to make a difference. And tucked away within some of those boards, rescue boards mind you, a concerning theme is emerging. Just say yes to slaughter in the United States; put horse meat back on American plates. Let horses be slaughtered in the same HUMANE way cattle and pigs are. This is humane? THIS will save them from the brutal ride to hell, shipped over our borders to die in Canadian slaughter houses and Mexican Kill Pits?

To those folks suggesting that a legal American horse meat industry is a dandy solution to the crisis facing American equines, I just gotta ask, "When did American profit driven commerce ever improve anthing about the quality of horses lives and deaths?" HELLO PEOPLE!!!!! Want to know what legal horse meat would mean. All those PMU farmers going out of business along the U.S. northern border would be just delighted cuz they are already set up to exploit horses and legal horse meat would make it a hell of alot easier to dispose with the nuisance of unwanted foals. And hey, GREAT solution to the irksome problem of what to do with surplus mustangs currently chomping away on government purchased hay - SUSHI! Not to mention the easy transition to actually breeding and raising horses for chevel. Sweet - a nice way to boost the economy and create new jobs.

Excuse me while I get sick.

Get ready folks, these pro-slaughter activists are hiding the reality of equine slaughter with words like "compassionate solution".

Excuse me while I get sick.

Here is the FACE of the "compassionate solution" of equine slaughter. Pictures from the UK and Europe where horse slaughter is perfectly legal. Legal and brutal. And so, so sad. So, I really want to know. Here is a video of equine transport to slaughter in Europe. Do you know that in modern European slaughterhouse, "horses are rendered unconscious by electroshock, then dispatched by controlled bleeding. " Tell me, PLEASE DO, what about this is humane?

What on earth makes ANYONE think that legal or otherwise, slaughter is the answer, the compassionate answer for our horses needing homes and care? When horses' final moments are shaped by corporate profit, the outcome will be neither compassionate nor pain-free.

Please consider visiting these anti-slaughter sites.

Commone Horse Sense
Equine Protection Network
Mary Nash's Horse Meat Website
The International Fund for Horses


Cactus Jack Splash said...

I can not believe that there are rescues who support slaughter, but I know it is true I have read it on their own boards.
People who believe slaughter will solve the problem of horse slaughter need to think again-it didn't before, why would it now. Unwanted horses are going to be around as long as there are irresponsible breeders and a horse industry driven by breeding that "million dollar horse".
I think I am going to barf now.

CoyoteFe said...

I'm sorry - I know next to nothing about horses, but RESCUE groups want to put horse meat on American TABLES? Wow.

How is that rescue? Plus, once that door is opened, won't horses become just another food source? I have a fairly strong stomach myself, but BLECH.

One Red Horse said...

Howdy Fe, one strand of our "houses on fire" is how we treat our animal partners, IMO. Some folks in rescue, seeing the increase of horses in need, figure that the US slaughter ban is too blame for this increase. Horses can still be transported out of the country, and are in huge numbers. Mexico's slaughter system is brutal. So some folks figure - make it legal, we will regulate it. Regular = no suffering. IMO it just ain't true. Check out the photo links. Thanks for stopping by.


Esther Garvi said...

I've been disturbed by the EUs way of handling animals (especially slaughter) way before Sweden joined. There is something fundamentally wrong with how we treat our animals and since most people avoid slaughter houses, they seem to have a tendency of developing their own rules. I've seen video footage of live stock being holstered by a hook in the ankle. In those days, the crime was that they had been transported across the border to Turkey, but today, Turkey is part of the EU. And things are not changing for the better.