Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lyra's New Blanket

My beauty and I got some quality girl time while there was sun. Look at this cute face in her new, too cool, chocolate and cream light weight blanket. I thought long and hard before blanketing my girl. Our nights only get to about 39 or 40 degrees right now. Many folks believe that blankets do more harm than good. Horses have this incredible natural waterproof insulation system, their thick winter coat is designed to stand on end, creating an insulating air space that keeps the horse warm. So why am I mucking with what nature provided? Cuz Lyra was losing weight and I have, accurately or otherwise, concern that she is using too many calories trying to stay warm. Thus her new stylish winter coat.

I think I have perfected her diet - in addition to the overgrazed general pasture, she is now getting several pounds of grass hay and 8 cups (dry measure) soaked beet pulp, 6 cups (3 lbs) Nutrena Safe Choice, 2 cups (1 lb.) MaxEGlow Stabilized Rice Bran, and Farrier's Formula. Her bucket of crunchies weighs TONS, but is full of water from the soaked beet pulp. I'm hoping this helps turn around her weight loss.

I'll be consulting with our vet tomorrow during Lyra's senior horse exam. Both Lyra and Red are getting senior exams. Our local clinic is having a special - only $75.oo for a general exam, body condition & nutritional assessment, trot out and bloodwork. I appreciate this gesture as support for ensuring your senior horse has the best possible health.

Here are more pictures of Lyra modeling her new blanket while enjoying her new diet.


Esther Garvi said...

Lyra looks great in pink! Although we live in a warm country, I've been thinking about bringing out coats for our girls too, for the very worst of the winter days. Temperature drops so quickly and go down to ten degrees (Celsius). Haven't had a really bad winter since 2004, but I remember that the poor stallion I had at that time was sooooo cold in the mornings... And unlike dogs, they can't roll into a ball and hide their noses under their tails!

Greetings from West Africa,

Lori Skoog said...

I have used Safe Choice for my two easy keepers when there is grass, but now they are converted back to a Neutrena Feed that the rest of the horses get. I too feed beet pulp. The shredded with no molasses is no longer available (for now) so I am getting the pellets and soak them for about 8 hours. The horses seem happy with it. How old are your horses? I totally agree with the blanket...if weight is a problem, they should not be putting all their energy into keeping warm.