Monday, November 24, 2008

Something Just Ain't Right . . .

. . . in the general pasture. I look for Red and he is not to be found.
His beloved Coal is upset, does a complete GP gallop, then making forays up and down the fence line.

Red's arch rival, the little scruffy gelding, is following the bounteous Coal, determined to have her! Where in the world is Red?

My friend Elsie trots over, "I'll help find him." First she has to sniff me all over.

"Come on, I know where he is."

Then I see him, a small red horse, far away in the HAY FIELD (smaller pasture next to GP).

He is just PO'd, not a happy boy. Poor Red, he REALLY wants to get to Coal and
teach the young upstart a lesson.

"OH NOES!!!! She is leaving me!"

Then he sees me. ' FINALLY! What took you so long?"
"Hurry, there is the gate. GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Soon Red was back in his pasture and we solved the mystery. Some horses knocked down the fence between the Hay Field and the General Pasture. The grass really is greener on the Hay Field side. When our manager put the fence back up he counted the correct number of horses for the Hay Field but didn't notice that one was the wrong color. One was Red.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Oh Red, don't go wondering off and worry your owner...but then who am I to talk.
glad you are back with your girlfriend.

Lori Skoog said...

So glad you found Red...that must have been a little scarey. Your pastures look huge!

CoyoteFe said...

Love it! Drama! Tension! Romance! Red, the hero!

One Red Horse said...

Isn't he something? I'm so glad I know this character. Through knowing him I have learned how much happens in his world, how important things are, how strong his opinions and preferences. Feeling pretty dang fortunate he shares so much with me.