Sunday, November 9, 2008

Walking the General Pasture in the Dark

Lots of changes this week. Most I am ecstatic about. Daylight Savings Time is not included in the ecstasy list. With the shift of time, horse time now begins in the dark. Bless my little herd. Red and Lyra frequently wait for me close to the gait, most welcome on rainy nights like tonight. When there is no rain, I enjoy walking through the wildness of the general pasture, listening to the coyotes, feeling the hair on the back of my neck ripple to their song.

Getting Lyra in the dark has provided a new challenge and potential health need. She is very hesitant to leave the herd. This is very different than in our early days when she felt safest with her friends. She clearly trusts me these days. I think she may have great difficulty seeing at night. She walks hesitantly with her head down and is very spooky when we veer from 0ur regular path. She relaxes her stance when Red is with us, seeming to trust him to choose a safe, obstacle free trail.

Our local vet clinic is offering a "senior" exam special. I am going to schedule one for Lyra when I have Red's teeth done.

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Serena said...

I TOO hate DST. And i too have a cool horse-fetching headlamp. :)