Friday, November 21, 2008

Walking Through Glory, Touching Indra's Net

Sometimes my life works in the most awe some ways. Like tonight when I just wanted to take my sorry butt home, get in bed and recover from my first day back after 3 days down with a COLD. But, come 6:15 I'm pulled into the nightly second act of my life, time to head to Freshwater Valley Stables and the general pasture. Three days, three days my little herd has gone to bed without their munchies to supplement the sparse winter offerings of the GP.

The night flew by, from no where or everywhere came the energy to do what needed to be done. It was 10:00 by the time Lyra was fed, bundled into her new blanket, and walking by my side, down the dark lane leading to the pasture and her herd. Lyra, I recently discovered, has very limited vision at night. She moves beside me, tentative yet trusting, taking soundings with her breath and nose, following my lead into the dark. Tonight she and I walked far into the fields, looking for the herd. I don't like to leave her by herself in the dark, she can sort her way around but I can feel her panic.

It is so cold, my breath floats across my face in cloud of mist. Coming towards me I see a streak of white - my Red horse, his blaze catching the light of my headlamp. Impatiently he pats me with his clever lips, trying to bring forth a carrot or cookie. Disgusted by my empty pockets, he sighs, then falls in beside me as I turn away from the herd and begin the long trudge through the mud back to the gate. Red had already eaten so he wasn't hungry. I actually think he just wanted to hang out with mom, his own special herd mate (grudgingly shared on occasion with Lyra). Side by side we walked, leaning into each other, breath mingling and catching the light. Then I looked up.

Spinning across the sky was a brilliant net of blazing stars. After fog and rain, the sky had become crystalline. Glory overhead. Side by side, Red and me - walking through Glory. Red, Lyra, the herd, me, all our relations - caught in Indra's Net.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a well worded post. I am glad Lyra is trusting you more everyday.
Get all the way well soon.

CoyoteFe said...

Wonderful post. I could feel the crisp air in my nostrils, surrounded by the dark and light ....