Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just Down the Road . . .

. . . in the "Fish Trap" Pasture, live Quincy, Ruby, and Amber.  Quincy is an old friend.  He used to run with Red in the General Pasture.  Unfortunately, Quincy is an air fern and in the spring becomes a horse of immense proportions.  His mom thought he'd stay trimmer living with these two lovely mares.  We miss Quincy and today I stopped to visit.  Visit with carrots.

Yo, Cherie!  Hmm, what's that yummy smell?  HEY, look at ME, not them!

(Imagine squooshy, muck sucking sounds.)  Come on, scooch on over here.  
Hmmmm, I smell em, bring those yummish carrots on to Quincy.  


I SEE EM, can almost reach!

(Imagine crunchy sounds and lip smacking.)

Happy boy!  

I miss this greedy, mouthy, pushy, silly clown.  Used to spend many happy hours with this guy.  His mom adopted him and then her very damaged back restricted the time she can spend with her horses.  Oh Quincy!  It is SO good to see your greedy face!

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