Sunday, January 4, 2009

Okay Lori, I'll just Take Your Lil' Challenge

Over at Skoog Farm Lori posted a gorgeous picture of herself and an elegantly garbed pony. With that posting, she threw down a challenge to her online friends - SHOW YOURSELVES!!!! I think I've made a few appearances in this blog - but here goes, the full monty . . . er, maybe the half monty.

Oops, that would be me about 39 years ago on Sundance, my Tennesse Walker.  

More like it - a recent evening at the Redwood Barn.

Last summer, on the trail treeless, shoeless, and bitless.  

August, 2006 right after I purchased Red.  I'm was so happy, still am!

And now, the half monty (thanks to my friend Laura who was behind the lens) !!!!!

Well, sort of a half monty.

After all that, I've just got to pass it on.  Friends and guests, 
If you would be so kind.


deserthorses5 said...

Oh, gosh! This is so funny! My daughter and I JUST went in for haircuts today and I took my camera and we documented it! I WON'T be showing my "half Monty"...just too gross, but I do have other pics to reveal! THANK YOU so much for the award! When I wake up, I'll post it!

Lori Skoog said...

DO I LOVE THIS OR WHAT????? Great photos. What a beautiful pony in the first shot. And the last shot...I should have left the music on my Journal from the movie "Full Monty!"

If you read the next section in my Journal, I explained what I did to get PC up. He is fine. Thanks for your concern....

Have a great day out there!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Great photos. The first horse is lovely.

mountain.mama said...

Thanks for the Butterfly Award - I appreciate the compliment. I work on an Apple and sometimes my blog won't cooperate on pasting into the side bars, but I'm working on it.

The last shot totally made me laugh! A brave post. And a lovely horse too.


Tami said...

Half Monty....too funny! Love yer pon-ya.

Esther Garvi said...

Hurray for Lori!!! I LOVE seeing who's behind the blog, and Cherie - you look GREAT with your beautiful boy!!!!

Warm greetings from West Africa,