Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick! Got a Cure for Bronchitis?

Gaaaaaaaa!  I'm home sick for day # 5.  I've caught one kick-butt case of bronchitis.  Been to the doctor, started a Z pack, and it is starting to budge this nasty stuff.  Seems like every Spring this crud settles into my lungs.  Any favorite oldy time healing tricks for this nasty bug?  Red and Lyra will sure thank you cuz I've actually been too sick to gather them from the general pasture for their nightly meal. Red is just fine (but you know he is pretty dang miffed).  Lyra was just hovering on the very edge of acceptable weight so this is not good for her.  


Lori Skoog said...

Well that doesn't sound very good! Hopefully things will turn around quickly. Isn't there anyone who can help you with the horses? Get better!!!!

One Red Horse said...

If I was seriously laid up I have friends who would keep Red and Lyra on their property. I also have folks who "keep an eye on" my little herd, but no one readily available to tromp over 40 acres, bring them in, and wait around while they chomp down. The general pasture has advantages and disadvantages. Right now I'm living with the disadvantage side.