Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Search for Spring and a Very Close Call

In between the hail, rain, and fog, SPRING is insisting that it is time for growing things 
to wake up and show their stuff.  Daffodils!!!!  Pussy Willows!!!!  New leaf buds, and
 tender shoots of green are shooting up all over Humboldt County.  

All that tender green grass just beyond reach is more than a certain Percheron mare in the general pasture can stand.  Her supersized self just reaches right over the fence and pussssshhhes.  Snap, crackle, pop - there goes another fence board.  Here is one that landed with a daffodil to pillow its fall.  I check the fence line every night on my way home.  

Someone else is trying to figure out how to get out of a fence.  Lyra is still unhappy during the short time she has to stay in her round pen.  She can see her herd and wants no part of being able to eat to her heart's content when she has to do it by herself.

So she sends me pathetic looks clearly begging.  "Mom, pleeeeassasssseeee don't leave
 me in here again!  Wait!  Come on back here!  You forgot to take me with you!!"  

Yesterday Lyra decided to take action on her own behalf.  When I opened the gait and started to push the wheelbarrow in to muck, she charged forward and pushed her way  past me and over the wheelbarrow.  Off she went, headed straight to the general pasture.  Unfortately, her timing perfectly matched a motorcycle roaring up Freshwater Road.  Traffic goes really FAST past the stable.  

As my runaway mare trotted toward her herd, I trotted a long distance after her yelling "LOOSE HORSE, LOOSE HORSE!"  Judy, Kay, Neena, and Emily all helped direct traffic and keep Lyra semi-contained in front of the pasture gate.  All the general pasture horses helped by gathering at the gate and talking calmly to her.  Thanks everyone!!!  We got her safely back in the round pen.  Thanks to the driver of the little silver car who stopped to help.  No thanks to the driver of the blue jeep like vehicle who REFUSED to slow down.  

When it was all over, I counted my new grey hairs and did a training session in our  little round pen.  What was the theme?  Respecting my space in relation to the gate.  What the person driving the blue jeepish vehicle just didn't get was that driver's must slow down or stop as appropriate when approaching a horse or horse drawn veheicle.   She also didn't get that her refusal to slow down could have had lethal consequences.  Tell ya what I DO get - the reasons to be aware and present around horses are many, starting with the need to ensure safety.  If Lyra's break-out ended in tragedy, the negligence would be mine.

I let my attention lapse while I was pushing the wheel barrow through the gate.  I am grateful my new grey hair was the only consequence!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

So glad this turned out well.

Lori Skoog said...

Close call, but you are both ok. Why does she have to stay in the round pen? I don't remember. Your spring photos are beautiful.

One Red Horse said...

Thanks Jack!

Lori, both my horses are on 40 acres. Lyra panics in a stall, I got the round pen to use so I can work with Red and have Lyra where she can eat.

Esther said...

I'm so glad all went well! Horses on the lose always calls for caution! Here in Africa, I try to keep the herd together before crossing the road. I worry more about Sheba than about the fillies though, as they are flight animals, whereas she (a rhodesian ridgeback) believes she can stare at a creature and it will stop. Horses do, elephants probably as well, but cars don't unless I'm next to her on a horse and not moving...

CoyoteFe said...

So glad all is well with all of you! Quite scary! Did you find blue jeep chick? Like Lyra's spiritl you might have scad more greys though. Wildly jealous of your California spring!