Saturday, May 9, 2009

Attack of the Bee - the Aftermath

Three days after Red was stung in the upper eyelid by a bee, I thought things had returned to normal.  Oh no.  I made that assessment before the aftemath of the sting was fully visible.  When I called my vet to describe poor Red's face she asked me if there was any yellowish or clear fluid seeping from the raw area.  Yes, there was.  Our vet said that this serum fluid suggested an allergic response to his bee sting.  Allergic response.  Not good.  

Thanks Freedom(who is standing in for Cactus Jack Splash while the spotted one is off at trail training camp)  for posting what your DOR found on bee stings.  I've got to do more reseach.  Red is sensitive (he chimes in that he is NOT sensitive, he is a big, macho type, stud-muffin gelding . . . whatever) to vaccinations and gets increasingly large bumps from insect bites.  My horse's system just doesn't do well when things get under his skin.

I'm going to take this problem to Lori at A Natural Horse Journey.  Lori does blends of herbs for horses and I'm curious to learn about what kind of herbal support may help Red.  I also want to learn more about homeopathic remedies.  One great thing about the bloggersphere, it is wonderful to be part of such a caring and knowledgeable community.

I'm thinking I need to put together a response kit should Red have another sting.  This article on bee stings mentions the Giddyap Girls "Bee Ready Bee Sting" Kit.  One more thing for my getting ready for the trial to do list.


jc said...

Major says he hopes you are feeling better soon

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Poor Red. I am glad the reaction was not worse.
I think that keeping a bee kit on hand is a good idea, I would hate to have an allergic horse and no way to help.