Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goodby Sweet Girl

Today the herd said goodby to a sweet little mare. 
 She died wearing the blanket that had been on her for months.  
The person who owned her rarely visited.  
I found her body.  
I wish I'd found a way to take off that stupid blanket. 
Her equine friends remained close to her body throughout the afternoon.  
I like to think they comforted her in her final moments.  

 Run free little one.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

So nice that the herd kept an eye on her. It is sad she died without her human to see her on.

CTG Ponies said...

How nice that her herd was with her until the end. And too bad for her owner that she wasn't there to spend the last days with her.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Awww so you know how she died? Did her owners not come see her friend often? Even more sweet of the herd to mourn like that