Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lyra Can Run Like the Wind

I know.  I know because she refused to be caught today, or at least she made her best effort not to be caught.   And her best effort is beautiful.  She runs like the thoroughbred she is.  Why would she want to leave her friends.  The grass is in, she is filling out, and all her girlfriends are in season.   Determined not to let Lyra successfully evade me, I perservered in the rain, thinking extremely unkind thoughts about my mare.  So the herd stood watching while Lyra ran beautiful circles, with me crouched over, hissing, stalking. 

 It took MANY circles before she began to cast an ear my way eliciting instant softness and lateral movement from me.  When she started to move away, I leapt after her (well, sort of jumped).  For about 90 minutes predator woman returned to the general pasture.  Stalking, hissing, fierce eyes.  Lyra gives me and ear or an eye.  Softness (shield evil thoughts).  Finally my mare stood still, head low, and I was able to approach her, halter her, and head to the barn.  Whew!  Sure hope we don't have to call upon predator woman's services for a long, long time.

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Lori Skoog said...

Good Morning! Did you ever try catching her eye and then turning around and walking away from her? She should end up following works for me. She looks great in the photo.