Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Online Community: For Great Info, Stories, Wisdom & Wit

please give The Natural Horse Journey a visit.  You will be treated to a delightful and informative experience.   The author, Lori Skode, is a wonderful storyteller and horsewoman.  She shares stories of her relationships with her horses and of their shared journey.  Much wisdom, equine and spiritual, is found within her tales.  

You will also find a wealth of knowledge about the care and feedling of insulin resistant horses. To help you with this, Lori has developed a wonderful line of low-sugar treats.  She also offers a wealth of information about using herbs to promote equine health.  Her line of equine herbal mixes is available in her store.  If you visit this lovely site I am sure you will go away with a smile and some new tidbits of information for you and your horse.


allhorsestuff said...

Wow, thanks for that info on Lori Skode! I am boarding with 3 Morgans..and of which one has foundered. The owner is a bit lax on the hay and the grass and I am doing my darndest to let her know it is like playing with fire what she does.
I may shoot her that link..though others have told her and she is in denial somewhat aobut it all still.
Sigh of frustration.

The mane puloling is not for the faint of heart..and ususlly goes better when they have the teeth float done...I did notn know if sh'e allow me to do it and saince she was eating her hay she did.

Basically, you have a comb with a razor like end and take VERY SMALL sections..held at the length you wish it to be, and you "back comb" it till you have jsut a few hairs..and Pull...once the length is achieved..then you can go back and thin it the same way, from underneath though..the next day or so will do since they may be fed up with the process by then!
My mare just shook her head sometimes, in protest...but she seemed okay with it.

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