Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Online Community: Where I go for Inspiration

I have to admit that I watch very little TV.  Actually, I don't own a working TV.  Lately I have been reading alot of blogs.  Guess this is my new form of sit down entertainment.  Instead of being a "couch potatoe" I am more of a "blog potatoe".  I rather like this as I am able to combine some of my favorite interests - horses, reading, writing, and photography, have fun, and learn more about my world.

There are days where I have to provide myself with some positive information, something to remind myself of hopefulness, kindness, and effective effort that makes a difference.  On those days when I check in online I first go to read two rescue blogs - first Thoroughbred Friends and then I move on to NorCal Equine Rescue.   Good people making a difference in our world and the world of equines in danger.  They are also honest, reliable rescues that you can support with confidence.

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