Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stories from the Trail: Queen Lyra

Hail Queen Lyra (thanks Fey, for seeling deeply this wonderful horse)!  Look at her shining spirit and glorious confidence!  Lyra has finally completely recovered  from her neglect and starvation, she has fully returned to herself. 

It was almost exactly one year ago that Lyra looked like this (above photo), and still went by the name Zelda.  Amazing how (in addition to good food, supplements, plus consistent hoof and vet care)  love, respect, and feeling like a valued member of the herd can so thoroughly transform the very appearance of a horse.  Just imagine what it can do for human kind.   

 Here she is today!

Lyra sends some love and spirit Coyote Road way!

There go two happy granny horses.  They just ran over to check on me and see if I had any nice things for them.  After they ate all my carrots the two took off running back across the pasture.  Can you hear them giggling?  Lyra is just amazing.  Her status in the herd has changed significantly - from second from the bottom she now bosses over half the herd (hey, how come I've got bossy horses?).  She is strong minded, funny, loves going fast, and is increasingly independent yet sweetly affectionate.  My kind of mare!  

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CoyoteFe said...

Oh, Thank you Cherie!
I have no idea just how, but Lyra lifts my heart every time I see a picture of her! I am so glad she is thriving, and has established herself in the herd. And, you have bossy horses because you, Lyra, and sweet-faced Red are natural royalty. Blessing on you and your herd!