Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visit the People of Iran - Stand Witness

Technology has been a force opening parts of our earth that some political systems would prefer remain dark. I am including a Blogroll of Iranian Blogs. Please visit them. You can use Google Translate to read the passionate feelings being shared and the events being reported. You can easily add a google translation gadget to your elements. This allows folks from other countries to easily translate your entire blog into their own language. Consider opening a Twitter account. This social networking phenomena has remained the one link out of Iran for many ordinary folks who want to share their experience. Google Earth brings faraway lands close enough to tough. The world is growing smaller. May our hearts grow larger.

Visit Demotix Images for photos of the streets of Iran taken by regular folks - all reporters are pretty much gone. Read more here at Live-blogging the Uprising. To understand why people are raging over the election, read this article in the BBC News. Remember when Bush stole the election after Gore won the popular vote? This is far worse to the people of Iran.

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