Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

Cactus Jack Splash and his DOR sent me the Honest Scrap Award. I've been savoring it and getting this post ready to go. Thanks C. Jack and DOR! It isn't that often one gets the chance to sit down and think about TEN things about themself to list on a blog. Here are the rules:
If you receive this award, you are to credit the person who bestowed it, give it to 10 other blogs (let them know) and tell your readers 10 things about yourself that they don't know. The award is supposed to go to blogs that speak honestly, from the heart.

1. My grand-father used to call me Twinkle Toes. I adored him and would follow him everywhere. I think I became obsessed with horses while watching him work with his mare Gyspy. My grandfather was my greatest love as a child.

2. As a child, teen, and young adult I was painfully shy. We moved alot and making new friends was not easy for me. These days I appear extroverted yet actually I have an introverted temperament and need my quiet, alone time to regenerate. When it comes to being with people, now I have some SKILLZ. Thank goodness. Had to work hard at it though and still find socializing to be something I have to plan for and think about.

3. I've been single for ten years. I love it. I never planned this and when younger always had to be in a relationship. Was married twice. Whew, another reason I find older is better.

4. When I was in 3rd grade I wanted to be a large animal vet. My maternal grandfather told me that no grandaughter of his would ever be sticking her arm up a cow's butt. Silly me, I believed him then. I have also wanted to be an archaeologist, writer, artist, and probation officer. I ended up a school social worker and therapist. Love what I do.

5. Backpacking was long one of my most favorite-in-the-world activities. While my son was growing we explored many trails in the Trinity Alps. I am not at all afraid of heights and can comfortably stand on the edge of a 1,000 foot drop. However, I am terrified of crossing creeks by logs or rocks. My son used to encourage me, "Come on Mom, you're a strong woman, you can do it." And I did.

6. My family history is lost in the fog of many moves and emotional cut-offs. I know few family stories or lineage beyond my grandparents.

7. I am kind-hearted, compassionate, creative, can manage a pretty large work load, and am good at seeing the big picture. On the other side, I am a world-class procrastinator, not too organized, and find it all too easy to isolate (antidote? horses).

8. At 56 I am somewhat shocked by how fast the decades slide away. I lived too long without my greatest joy, horses. They will accompany me on my trail for the rest of the way. And dogs, who have been my companion angels for most of my journey.

9. I cannot sing, and passionately wish I could. In 3rd grade I got kicked out of the school choir for being off-key. There is musical ability on the maternal side of my family. It avoided me.

10. If you saw me at work, for 10 months of the year, you would see me wearing casual professional. If you saw me at any random time during summmer, you would see me "au natural" in jeans, with horse or garden dirt under my nails.

OK, whew - that really was hard work, satisfying though. Now to find 10 blogs who have NOT already been awarded the fabulous Honest Scrap award.

There you go, some of my favorite blogs - while I have LOTS of favorites, many others have already posted the Honest Scrap.


Crayons said...

Hi One Red Horse,

Did you change your banner? It's beautiful.

Thanks for the award. As much as I love drawing and telling stories, there is always a little voice in me saying, "Do you REALLY think you are that good?"

I accept the award with honor. I'm going to have to figure out how to divulge my ten things about me. My blog hides my identity....I prefer to talk about others.

Well, let me give it some thought. Thanks again.

Safe riding.

Once Upon an Equine said...

I enjoyed reading your list. I was horribly shy in high school. Now, people would say I'm "quiet." That's a wonderful comment your son made about you being a strong woman.

HBFG said...

Hello ORH!
How kind of you to think of me and my blog, I am happy about the award! Thank you so much.
I'll take it with me joyfully and will post about it in a little while.
I hope I find time soon, it's quite a challenge to find and write 10 things about me that woud be interesting AND find 10 other blogs that haven't been awarded with it... But I'll manage ;-)
Thanks again and ttyl