Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tonight Red Horse was a Bit of a . . .

Ginormous Ninny. What a pain: Mr. I Can't Walk Down the Lane Because I'm Going to Be Eaten Alive by the Plastic Bags Full of HAY!!!! Yeeesh! What was in the air? We went on a trail ride with a friend and he, in the presence of another horse, was ok.

What does he do when worried about the Red Horse eating bags of hay? He stops, gets big, refuses to move forward, starts to walk sideways and then spins away. Then he fights me when I bring him back around. What do I do? Try to deepen my seat, relax, breathe. Ask him for something - side pass, backing, or disengagement of hind end. When we get to a bit less resistance, I ask him to go forward. We go back through process . . . rinse, repeat. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Slowly we make out way forward.

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Look for my new training plan for the buddy sour horse - coming soon. Not soon enough!


Anonymous said...

that's one gorgeous horse!
& what an amusing story hehe :)

Esther Garvi said...

Ah, just look at those eyes! Who can resist him? ;-) Keep up the patient job Cherie! You're the only one who can convince him that those bags are truly not going to eat him.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Nice head shots. I especially like the look in the last one, like he's thinking "oh oh, she's on to me." He's very pretty.

Sydney said...

Why red, what big pretty brown eyes you have.

I swear you are my older friend Bonnie. She has a horse that is red's age that is named red and hes a QH. Shes also been single for a long time. Shes a great lady.

Hey your red's sire isn't hollywood is it O_o

Grey Horse Matters said...

But just look at that innocent face. This buddy sour spooking at plastic bags story must be a viscous rumor!

One Red Horse said...

moresecretwhispers - thank you so much, he is quite full of himself. No self-esteem problems for Red.

Esther - Thanks for the encouragement. Today he stood like a rock while a slapped him all over with a huge, noisy bag. Coule there be an ulterior motive to his selective bag terrors?

Once Upon an Equine - you have my horse's number - exactly what I was thinking.

Sydney - That would be too funny if Red had Hollywood in his pedigree. My Red Horse's full name is Red Tee Bar - no Hollywood there.

Grey Horse Matters, My horse likes you, REALLY likes you. Would you be his mom?

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Why don't our DORs get the seriousness of those horse eating bags?
I did find out that if you will touch one with your nose your DOR will get all happy, smile, pet you all over, say your the best horse ever, and cough up extra treats.