Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Lyra Has Been Up To

Since Lyra's bout of lameness, possibly from an abscess, she has been on recovery time in the general pasture. This has meant no riding, but lots of spoiling. She loves it! Yesterday she trotted sound in boots on hard, rocky ground. We have to start working on riding outside the arena. She has been a dream to ride inside, but is very difficult outside. I laugh at a friend of mine who is encouraging me to take her to the beach so she can "run it out". Ah, maybe a couple or three decades ago. Not these days.

When Lyra isn't enjoying being spoiled by me, she loves being part of her own, exclusive band with Zindi and Fidel. Her boyfriend (above) is touchingly devoted. He walks with us to the gate and waits there, occasionally calling out to her to be sure I'm taking good care of her. Horses' relationships are SO important to them. I am very appreciative that our relatinonship - Lyra and me, has become important to her. Gone are the days of refusing to look at me, insisting on keeping her head turned to the herd. It is amazing what time and consistency can do.

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Lori Skoog said...

Lyra is a very beautiful girl. She knows she needs you!