Monday, August 31, 2009

American Wild Horse PSA

A mustang roundup is violent. Brutal. Lethal.

According to HSUS, the Restore Our American Mustangs Act HR 1018 was approved by the House of Representatives on July 17th. Next step in the Senate. Track progress with govtrack.

As of August 27th BLM is moving forward with the Pryor Mountain Round Up.

BLM has closed its Pryor Mountain land to the public. Who will be a witness?

They are still not safe.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blessed by the Love of a Horse

The link to this video was sent me by a friend. It was a lovely way to end my evening. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Red better not see this video - he would LOVE to have a window into my kitchen.

Gathering my Energy on the Last Day of Summer Vacation

Last year I walked the general pasture on my last day of summer vacation and took these photos. Today, I'm again readying myself to make the energy shift that my blessing of summer vacation requires - upshifting to a much, much faster pace. I think greatest adjustment for me in returning to my job is the constant, in depth engagement with lots and lots of people.

Throughout summer I maintain a social rhythm that is a closer fit with my introverted temperament - enjoying my relationships with individuals and occasional low key small groups. Tomorrow I will pull up my learned and well-developed skills of working and thriving in an extroverted world. I'm borrowing part of the previous sentence from a book that seem like a blessed drink of sweet, cool nectar for folks who find their energy drained by group interaction; who think they aren't good in conversation; who struggle with what they think is shyness.

Dr. Marti Olsen Laney draws from current brain research in her book The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World. I read this insightful book a few years ago and deeply wished it had been written in my early twenties. For example, I used to berate myself for not having an immediate response when asked a question. Dr. Laney discusses language processing systems in the brain and shows that the "introverted" brain actually has a different route of information processing than the "extroverted" brain. A simple "let me think about that for a second" helps create a little time for the system to do its job.

This morning post is "part I" for my last day of summer. I hadn't planned on writing or thinking about temperaments but as I gather my energy, it is a very relevant topic. I'm want to watch a DVD on equine temperaments - something I will develop in a later post.

For all of you are returning to work and school, enjoy your last day of summer. For parents who are counting the minutes to the start of school, its only hours away!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Customizing Your Blog

Lena's picture has had no border. I just removed the annoying white border around my photos. This was so easy it may be a "duh" for most folks. Just change your photo border color to match your background.

This just didn't occur to me until I discovered Sneaky Momma Blog Design - a clever, helpful and clearly written blog full of easy to apply ideas for customizing your Blogger blogs. Have fun!

Now that they are gone, I kind of miss them. My borders are back, but a different color.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: As the General Pasture Turns

(A mostly wordless Wednesday, starring Lyra, Red, and the general pasture herd.)

Prepare, gentle reader, for a long tale of passion, betrayal, violence, loss,
and valor.
Lyra is in season and Lyra is a fickle, fickle mare.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday # 58

If clouds were flowers . . .

This is one of my favorite flowers but I seem to be having a senior moment regarding its name. Can anyone help?
To enjoy an endless variety of skies, vist Skywatch Friday.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Plastic Bags? Yawn! BORING!!!!

Red Horse has come far, far, far this summer. We have been working on accepting the unexpected, trail saftey, and bravery (undoing buddy sourness). Not too long ago, Red had developed the annoying habbit of refusing to walk down the lane at our stable, snorting and backing up when he saw the clear, plastic shavings bags folks use to lay out feed. This was a new behavior that started around the time his status in the herd got bumped down a notch or two with the arrival of a very tough new gelding. As of now, bags and other suprises along the trail have become much less of a concern for Red.

Sunday we went to a clinic sponsored by Heart of the Redwoods, one of our local equine rescues. It was great fun, excellent exposure for Red, and an opportunity to try out the work we have done on being brave. We rode with a friend and her darling quarab mare Flora. Red dealt with the entire experience CALMLY. People kept commenting on how relaxed he was. Throughout the clinic he was totally focused and worked hard on disengaging the hind end, lateral flexion, side passing, turning on the forehand, and negotiating the fun obstacles set up for us. We made several side trips, riding throughout the fair grounds where the clinic was held. NO BUDDY SOUR BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just brave Red Horse, walking and trotting calmly.

I think we are ready for a solo ride on the trail into the "terror forrest" behind Freshwater Stables. I'm borrowing this phrase from Sara of Bumbling and Blathering who tells such a good tale of another horse who knows that something evil lurks in the seemingly lovely and inviting woods.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Stills: Clouds

Sunsets at Freshwater Valley Farms have been amazing lately, watching them change as the light dims is so very pleasurable. Watching Red, my quarter horse gelding who is posing in front of the cloud background, makes my heart sing!

For more amazing clouds - today's theme at Sunday Stills Photo Challenge, click here. Please join us next week with some photos from your blog.