Saturday, August 29, 2009

Customizing Your Blog

Lena's picture has had no border. I just removed the annoying white border around my photos. This was so easy it may be a "duh" for most folks. Just change your photo border color to match your background.

This just didn't occur to me until I discovered Sneaky Momma Blog Design - a clever, helpful and clearly written blog full of easy to apply ideas for customizing your Blogger blogs. Have fun!

Now that they are gone, I kind of miss them. My borders are back, but a different color.


Cheryl Ann said...

Is this your dog? She's very pretty. We have a male German Shepherd.

gtyyup said...

I'll go check her out...I'm gathering ideas for a blog makeover sometime after the busy summer ends. Thanks for posting!

One Red Horse said...

Cheryl Ann - Lena is one of my two dogs, my little pack. In this picture her marking sure remind me of some German Shepherd markings. She is actually an Aussie/Kelpie mix.

gtyyup - gonna have enjoy seeing the results of your blog makeover. Have fun.