Monday, August 17, 2009

Plastic Bags? Yawn! BORING!!!!

Red Horse has come far, far, far this summer. We have been working on accepting the unexpected, trail saftey, and bravery (undoing buddy sourness). Not too long ago, Red had developed the annoying habbit of refusing to walk down the lane at our stable, snorting and backing up when he saw the clear, plastic shavings bags folks use to lay out feed. This was a new behavior that started around the time his status in the herd got bumped down a notch or two with the arrival of a very tough new gelding. As of now, bags and other suprises along the trail have become much less of a concern for Red.

Sunday we went to a clinic sponsored by Heart of the Redwoods, one of our local equine rescues. It was great fun, excellent exposure for Red, and an opportunity to try out the work we have done on being brave. We rode with a friend and her darling quarab mare Flora. Red dealt with the entire experience CALMLY. People kept commenting on how relaxed he was. Throughout the clinic he was totally focused and worked hard on disengaging the hind end, lateral flexion, side passing, turning on the forehand, and negotiating the fun obstacles set up for us. We made several side trips, riding throughout the fair grounds where the clinic was held. NO BUDDY SOUR BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just brave Red Horse, walking and trotting calmly.

I think we are ready for a solo ride on the trail into the "terror forrest" behind Freshwater Stables. I'm borrowing this phrase from Sara of Bumbling and Blathering who tells such a good tale of another horse who knows that something evil lurks in the seemingly lovely and inviting woods.


Anonymous said...

What a great testament to all the hard work you have been doing with him! Awesome!

Sara said...

Sounds fabulous! Congrats!

I have yet to get the nerve to ride alone into the Terror Forest. Let us know how it goes!

Then again, Peanut hasn't spooked much at the woods lately. Maybe it's like a reverse bear and hibernates through the summer, only to awake and terrorize horses in the winter.


Lori Skoog said...

I would have enjoyed participating in that clinic. Sounds like you both had a good experience. By the way, he looks great in the photos.

Esther Garvi said...

Aw, Red is developing into such a gorgeous equine!!! Love his pose in the pictures.