Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank You for the I Love This Blog Award

Several days have passed since I was given this award almost simultaneously from TWO of my favorite blog authors - Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch and Horse Ideology. The reason I so appreciate both of these blogs is the depth of commitment each woman has to take the time to share their considerable knowledge of horses and practices that contribute to their training and care. If you haven't already visited these blogs, please do. You will be in for a treat.

For me one of the best parts of getting an award is thinking about who to pass it on to. I realize many folks get a bit tired of the process, if you are in this category and I give you an award, please just know how much I've enjoyed your blog and don't worry about following all the award "rules." Awards are to be enjoyed. So here are the rules accompanying this award, follow them at your pleasure:

Pass the award along to 7 of your favorite bloggers, based on your personal preference. Whoops, I forgot and chose 10. Too hard to narrow it down now.

CTG Ponies I love the work of this very talented photographer, horse owner, and dog lover. A gorgeous view into life in rural life in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Highland Hooves Major and his mom offer a window into the life of a Highlands Pony and rider in the absolutely stunning lands of Scotland.

Rainier Equine Hoof Recovery Center, Inc. I don't know if Pat accepts awards, she sure deserves one for her advocacy for barefoot trimming and the quality of information in her blog.

All Horse Stuff Out of Oregon City, Oregon comes this delightful blog of riding tales, horse wisdom, and a deep faith.

Bumbling and Blathering A new blog for me, I am really enjoying working my way through the archives of this very well written, insightful, and humerous blog about horses.

When Lillies Fly Stories of a "horse-dominated" life. The very best kind!

Mud Maps Horses, dogs, cats, trail riding, & country living - my kinda folks . . . and best of all, a view into life in Australia!

Haiku Farm Horses, photography, farm life, endurance, and poetry - this is an enchanting and inspiring blog I recently "rediscovered".

Pennsylvania Wildwoman Great photography, stories and horses! How many times do you read a blog and think - if only we lived closer, we might be good friends!

Wandering Weeta This blog was a wonderful, accidental discovery that features stunning photograhy of the creatures and lovely land north of the border in the Lower Fraser Valley, BC.

Walks in the Woods & Other Adventures Created by an artist in chain maille, this blog features stories of her family and of her return to horses after raising a child as a single mom. I sure could relate. She has just purchased a lovely mustang and I'm looking forward to reading of their adventures.


Anonymous said...

Yay! ^..^

Amanda said...

Mwah...thank you so much for the award.....I'm chuffed :-) Am glad you like the blog and am sure we will be seeing alot of each other.

jc said...

Thank you for the award. What started out as just a way for me to record all the little incidents that occur on a weekly basis with my pony and friends has developed into a wonderful window to glimpse the lives of like-minded people from all over the world.

Tami said...

Thanks for the award! I can not wait to check out all your nominees! Looks like there will be some new 'daily' reads added to my Reader. (sigh) It's been so much fun getting a peek into your life and getting to know your horses. Thanks for blogging!

CTG Ponies said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me and sending this award! It means a lot.

HBFG said...

Congrats on the Award! You "run" a fantastic blog, you deserve it! :))

Sara said...

Thank you very much! :) I'm surprised and delighted, to say the least.

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Wow! Thank you for the award. Your comments made my day!

I'll pass it on soon.

allhorsestuff said...

Lovly friend that you are...(I commented above in an "untitled" spot?) so will again tell you here..thanks for making a not-to-good-day brighter with your sweet comments and this award!
I may not follow the rules as you did...but I accept and appreciate YOU! Glad you find something worthy at my place!

Anonymous said...

YAY for you... i too have become consumed with horses in my "second 1/2" only starting with them 3 years ago.. .what a journey

happy trails

Flying Lily said...

Hurray!!! And thanks so much....can't wait to pass along this lovely award and check out the other award-winning blogs you listed!!

Youvegotmaille said...

Gosh, thanks so much! I haven't been around enough horsey blogs to pass this around but I sure am flattered (and will be correcting that deficiency soon...)

allhorsestuff said...

LOOOOVE your new header of your horse!
Where you been of late? Looking for you dear and praying you well~