Friday, September 18, 2009

One Year Ago: The Dance

My friend Jessica had just finished a natural hoof care course of study and she trimmed Red. I loved watching her work, it reminded me of a dance - the natural hoofcare ballet.

Red stands absolutely relaxed when his hoofs are trimmed. He used to fight, rearing and kicking, when I had him in shoes. It was frightening. As he came to trust me, he would stand (carrots helped) still, but not calm. He remained very tense. I'm glad I listened.

While I trim both my horses, I can't recommend Jessica enough. She has an amazing eye for balance and an affinity for horses.

My camera is broken, I can't find my old one, and I'm in my poorest time of the year. This means serious picture taking withdrawls. I've got to try to borrow a camera until pay day.


Lori Skoog said...

I have my old camera held together with a rubber band, for times when my good one doesn't work. I feel the pain!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Just bought a new camera last month. I miss my old one, it fit better in my saddle bags.
Nice series of photos. Red's hooves are looking good

Breathe said...

My horses are in natural balance shoes, but I'm curious what it is about shoeing that bothered Red so much. My horses seem to be tender footed without shoes... but its extremely rocky here...

Anonymous said...

Show me your camera and I will tell you what photos you make.

Michelle said...

Is it difficult to learn how to trim your own horses? I've often entertained the thought because I have so much trouble finding a farrier I trust, but I'm a little intimidated. How did you get started?

allhorsestuff said...

Hay there!
Nice post on a great little gal!
Ialso do my own triming on my mare. She is overdue as i put in a call to a gal from "Renegade hoof boots" but she never bothered to call me back these last 2 I will do my own and hope that she calls.
I am despirate for something to work..none of the easy boots will fit and I can barely ride..for her tender feet on these logging roads between all my trails!
(hate to mention it)...but I am an inch away from shoes... never have done that, never wanted to, and really still don't want to...but I do want to ride!
Needing some consoling!
Kacy with Wa mare~
I just broke down and bought a new withdrawls were to heavy for me, after mine broke a few weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

I also have a female, natural trimmer. She's great and I appreciate her. Right now, hubby is learning how to do the raspings in-between the appts and that has helped out a lot especially with the three year old who seems to have more chipping.

Pete Ramey has some dvd's on his website that I would like to get this fall.

My camera also broke... very sad face. :(