Friday, October 9, 2009

Skywatch Friday: - Season 4 Episode 13

With tentative hopefulness I congratulate my president on winning the Nobel Prize for Peace. President Obama, this is the second time in my almost six decades I have looked at my flag and felt something like optimism and pride. This is one tall order, bless you and may this gift guide and inspire you to continue your committment to CHANGE.

For views of skies across our wonderful world, visit Skywatch Friday.
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Precious said...

Love the clear blue sky.

Squirrel said...

Well, I guess you were right on the mark. Yeah!

mj said...

Ditto!!! He has a huge challenge ahead of him. I only hope that he gets the help he needs to achieve some of his goals...starting with a more peaceful world.

Breathe said...

Its incredible that it came so soon, and I am amazed at what he's done so far.

I'm with MJ, hope that more come together - we've been tearing apart our country long enough.