Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stella Pretends to be a Bump on a Log in the General Pasture

Many of you have met Stella.

She loves to run in the general pasture yet shivers and shakes on the way there.
Stella was once bullied by a pony named Elsie and ever since
is very nervous about those large, dog hating, sharp hoofed equines.

This is Steamer. He is a mustang, a hardy soul, who lives in the general pasture.

Steamer and his friend Jarvis are investigating the new, funny
colored thing by the redwood stump. Is it a strange colored bump on the log?
Is it something good to eat?
How did it get there? What could it be?

Poor Stella is trying so very hard to be small and invisible.
Maybe if she doesn't breathe, the dog-eating horses will think she is another
bit of wood and leave her alone. My poor girl!!!! She was being very, very brave
while Steamer and Jarvis gave her a thorough sniff over.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor Stella. She was very brave though.
Our little Maggie is petrified of the horses. When she was a puppy one of them tried to stomp her to oblivion. She never got over it and now stays well away from the barn.

Lori Skoog said...

Our horses have had dogs with them forever...since they go where I go. Fortunately they get along very well.
That mustang is one handsome boy!

Breathe said...

Oh my, that was a trying experience for Stella. I guess some dogs have their wolf ancestor way, way, way down there. :)

Since we board our dogs have no clue about horses. I often wonder how their interaction would go.

mountain.mama said...

Ah, our miniature Schnauzer gets the very same look when our monster Irish wolfhound wants to play.

Michelle said...

Stella is beautiful! What kind of dog is she? At least she has the sense to be respectful of the horses - I have to watch my boy because he'll get way too close and in the way. Repeatedly!