Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That's My World: Estate Sale on the Loleta Bluffs

These days I try my best to avoid yard sales and estate sales. I have enough stuff! Especially horse stuff. When I read about the estate sale in a BARN on the Loleta Bluffs, my best intentions were devastated by the "B" word. Barn. I love barns and where there are barns there might be horses.

Indeed there were horses. This sale was on an amazing ranch in the business of breeding thoroughbreds. Gorgeous little TB weanlings leaned over the fence watching the action. And somehow I did not get their pictures.

This ranch has some of the most amazing views I've ever seen in Humboldt County.
To the west was the Pacific ocean and to the north . . .

. . . was Humboldt Bay and Eureka, California.

The Wiyot People live here, on the surviving remnants of their land.

The Loleta Bluffs have some very old ranches with their weathered barns.


Johnny Nutcase said...

I thought these pictures looked familiar! We live in Eureka ! i can't resist barns either, nice photos!

Johnny Nutcase said...

actually, we're new here (moved here in August) and i've been missing horses big time and looking for a place to ride or just exercise horses (i ride English)...if you have any ideas please let me know! thanks :)

Lori Skoog said...

Horses and water....the perfect combination.

mj said...

Made me homesick. It's been many years since I lived there, but it still looks very similar. I've got to get back there one of these days. I even have an old college roommate who still lives in the area. So I really don't need an excuse. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them. By the way, did you buy anything?

Breathe said...

So what was INSIDE the barn?

I avoid garage sales because I am helpless to the siren call of Horse Items.

Helpless. But here, at my keyboard, I remain relatively safe.



Michelle said...

Mmmmm....the photos are gorgeous, I can't even imagine riding my horse with that view in the background! Wow! So, I'm with mj - didja buy anything?!? Details!!!

CoyoteFe said...

OKAY! You officially live in God's country. Where else could such blue skies meet such blue seas - with a stretch of land for peeps and horse?