Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On a Dark and Stormy Night

Red Horse was absolutely drenched AND completely dry at the skin under his
nifty, nature made rain coat. What a wonder is a horse's coat.

When I agonize over blanketing, I need to come back and look at these photos.
In our coastal 30 degrees winter, I think Red does a fine job keeping himself warm and dry.


mj said...

I have always thought that if a horse can remain naturally blanketed, they were much better off. We moved to Colorado from Arizona with older, short haired critters and it became a no-brainer. Been blanketing in the winter ever since here. It's not only unnatural, it's a pain to deal with each and every day during the winter months. I think that as the animal gets older they need more help, but you are so right in keeping your horses in a natural state as long as you can. Just my opinion. :o)

One Red Horse said...

I keep my old TB mare blanketed. With Lyra, every calorie counts and if something on her back saves a few, it is worth it.

gtyyup said...

Unless the horse is showing signs of cold, I let mother nature do her job. The barn stalls get little use, but when we lived on the wet side of Oregon, the horses were in most every night.