Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Peaceful End to a Slow & Easy Vacation . . .

. . . I know I'm pretty darn lucky working in schools and getting to live by a school schedule. So winter break is coming to an end, tomorrow back to work. I like knowing that regardless of how busy or intense my job might be, I have a herd of friends who move through their day within a pattern that resonates with ancient rhythms. And no matter where I am a part of my heart, touched by these horses, moves with them through the sun, shadow, and connection of their

Whenever Red sees me, his head pops up and he makes a bee line for me. He is so cute! I just love this horse.

Bay Horse and Ricki like to visit when I walk in the general pasture (GP).

Fino and Sooten are two old freinds. Sooten is crippled from long ago intentional injuries from a malicious person. He moves around the pasture taking tiny steps. Fino keeps him company and stands by him when the other horses become too rough.

I've never seen anyone come to visit Steamer. He is slowly (months) developing a relationship with me. Here he is letting me know that Lena is a bit too close in his personal space.

Red loves it when I enter his world. He hangs with me, sometimes not letting the other horses near. Here he is standing with his head next to Lyra's flank, he waited like this while I talked to her and hugged her. He might not have been too happy about it, but he didn't budge to interfere. I believe that he realizes that she is part of our little herd of two. My sweeties, Red and Lyra.

But he did not hesitate to let Rickie know he was TIRED of having all the other horses wanting to be with me.

Bay mare is not doing too well. She is a TB who is younger than Lyra, but no one ever comes to care for her. One reason I like to walk in the general pasture is I get to see how all the horses are doing. Sometimes I worry that no one else does. Her condition has really deteriorated over the last few weeks. Yesterday I talked with a couple of other boarders about her. We will be talking with the manager. We intend to see that she gets some help.

Rickie is one of the sweetest horses in the GP herd. Another wonderful boy who never gets a visit from his human. He has "pocket pony" written all over him.

And it takes very little to make him smile.

Red wondered if Stella's new squeekie ball might be a new kind of crunchie.

The day was one of those rare winter days with incredibly clear, warm sunlight. Many horses got cozy and took long winter sunbaths.

Shaheen has lived here for 24 years. That is just about how old his mom is. She is a barefoot trimmer who has had this sweet little arab since she was born!


Lori Skoog said...

Cherie...someone needs to start doing something for that bay mare. How about some beet pulp and hay cubes to get some weight on her. Have her teeth ever been checked? Obviously something is not right and she can't fix it herself. I hope some of you will get together and do something.

mj said...

Your horses looked very loved and well cared for, but I'm afraid that Lori is right about the bay horse. She is such a contrast to all the other horses in the herd. She really needs some attention. I have seen this "out of sight, out of mind" situation happen many times with horses who are not tended to on a daily basis. What a pity.

One Red Horse said...

Lori and MJ you are both so right, we (some other boarders) will be talking to the manager today.

Michelle said...

Love the photo of the white horse at the end...beautiful. It was fun to see all the herd - I can't believe you all still have some green grass there! Wow! It's even brown here in Florida by now...

CTG Ponies said...

Beautiful pics! I hope that you are able to do something for the TB mare.

Crayons said...

What a lovely post. I feel like I've walked through the pasture with you. I'm glad you are advocating for that horse with mange -- or whatever you call it. It's important work. I thought of you and Red yesterday when I watched a documentary about humane training of horses.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Lovely rhythm to live our lives by, the rhythm of the herd.
Thanks for keeping an eye on all of the horses in the GP, they are lucky to have you in their lives