Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless (almost) Wednesday: My Friend

Bay Mare and I have become friends. Efforts are being made. I will update when I can.
THANK YOU for your incredible support following my last post.

It becomes so hard to understand how people can let this happen, yet it does. Thousands of horses in our country are in dire straights. For heart lifting inspiration, visit Thoroughbred Friends and meet Joe Shelton, a man who finds hope in the face of despairing circumstances. Please visit today and read about Party, then go hug your sweet horses.


mj said...

She's such a sweet looking mare. Good luck with your efforts to improve her life.

gtyyup said...

It would be so hard to stand by and do nothing. I hope all turns out well for those two horses; they deserve better. Good for you to be so diplomatic in your efforts.

Anonymous said...

So glad that something is happening, and hope it succeeds!

Michelle said...

Good for you! Hope you have success with her soon.