Monday, March 8, 2010

How Do You Folks with More Than Two Horses Ever Blog?

Cause I sure haven't had much time for anything besides wheelbarrowing bags of hay in and loads of mucky out, brushing out mountains of shedding hair, soaking abscesses, and being a full service minion to Autumn, Lyra, and Red. The Autumn Project has been a wild success and a week ago the Princess horse returned to the general pasture after six weeks of confinement to regain the weight she lost when abandoned. She is in wonderful shape, though still needing to gain about 50 pounds. Remember, she weighed only 820 the night we brought her in for the first time.

As soon as she got into the GP, she called for her friends. They answered and came running. Here they come, eager to greet their good friend. Horses have such deep and long lasting relationships. People just don't realize the depth of such bonds, it has been six weeks and look, Moose and Zindi are truly thrilled to see Autumn again.

I love how horses will flow into a rythym with each other.

Autumn's shiny shoulders are from the Shapely's MTG sulfur lotion I used for a case of rain rot.

Heading out, Moose is close behind his beloved Autumn.
I think it is so true, "horses never forget."


Lori Skoog said...

This is so sweet. Glad to see her back with Moose and company. I have been taking care of 5-8 horses for 29 years...on automatic pilot!

Kate said...

How great that she's doing so well, and can be back with her friends!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Lookin' good! So happy they are all together again and I'm sure they are too.

As for blogging, well with 8 horses it's not easy that's why I don't get much posted.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

She is looking so good.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

The DOR can blog because she has the horses write for her, that way she doesn't have to think up what to write ;)

allhorsestuff said...

I do not know!
I am so glad that the reunion was so sweet!

grandma Jeanie said...

I only have two mules. That is enough for me to care for. My red dun mule sees an old companion once a year at a parade. They are visibly so excited and happy to see each other it is heart warming. In fact, she nickers at the trailer and I am sure she recognizes it even before the other mule is on the ground.

It hurries me to find an interesting topic in our early spring mud and flood weather in the midwest.

Your grass appears to be green. How wonderful!

gtyyup said...

To answer your question...I hit and miss...actually there's lots I miss trying to keep up with everyone. I'm just so glad you are having such great success with Autumn. Just keep going as best as you can. I find that everyone is out there rooting for everyone matter what.

Chin up friend~