Wednesday, July 28, 2010

116 Lost Comments Suddenly Appeared. What's Up With This, Blogger?

Have you ever read my blog, posted a comment, and wondered where the heck it was? Well I'm wondering too. Two days ago I got a notice on my blog dashboard that said I had 116 comments to moderate. 116? YIKES! Some are from as far back as February 1st. For those of you who did not have your shared thoughts posted, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my posts. I value your comments and view my online contacts as my modern-day pen pals.

Please accept my aplogies for whatever I did to bungle this up so hugely. Wierd thing was , some comments were posted all along and some were . . . sucked into the same black hole that eats socks and earrings in my house. They weren't there. Then they were. And I was so pleased to see them and read them.

Because I don't want to lose anymore precious comments, I've been trying to figure out what happened. Thing is, some comments slipped through and showed up, so I never realized that there was a problem. I still am not sure what "ghost in the machine" was messing with my blog. If you have been wondering what happened to your comments, check the settings of your dashboard. I have never turned "moderate comments" on, but had to do so to access the 116 comments that reappeared with the directive "need to be moderated".

Did a big of research to try to figure out where those 116 comments have been hiding. I learned that problems with comments are pretty common with Blogger. I had not knowingly made any changes in my comment settings, however I do have a customized blog. Here is a link to the Blogger Help Forum with my query "comments never appeared". There are dozens of possible answers but I still don's have a clue to the "mystery of the missing 116 comments". Just in case this ever happens again, please drop me an email or visit me on facebook to let me know you had something to share that didn't get posted. Thanks for your patience, friends.

ps the photos are of a grotto by Centerville Beach, Ferndale, California. It used to shelter an icon for an unknown saint. Sadly, it appears to have been vandalized.


Once Upon an Equine said...

How strange. Great pictures to emphasize the big blogger comment sucking black hole.

Sydney_bitless said...

Yeah I thought there was something funky going on. I follow your blog and I think the last post I seen you do was Feb or so. Then a week or two ago your posts started showing up again in my reader!

One Red Horse said...

Sydney - last Feb caring for Autumn who had to be stalled for a couple of months added an hour a night to my horsie routine. It turned out that was about the time I usually played around with photos and blogs. Sheesh. I sure appreciate the blessing of having all three horses out to pasture right now. Talk about a way to save time, not to mention $$.

gtyyup said...

How very strange...I got a lot of them in my email yesterday (because I had subscribed to the comments for a few of your posts) least that part is working correctly now!! But, I knew something had been wrong.

Hope it's all straightened out now~