Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Unexpected Gift: Please Consider an Equine Rescue . . .

. . .when you are looking for your next horse. If they are not yet rehabbed, realize that the emancipated horse you first see is not the horse you will have in six months.

Rescuing Autumn was something I did not anticipate that January day when I took my weekly hike through the general pasture at Freshwater. Really, it was Autumn who made sure I became personally involved when I saw her struggling to get up, too weak to gain her feet even after several tries. She looked directly at me. Nickered loud and insistent. No doubt at all about what she was asking.

She was such a frail wisp of a horse I never once believed I would be able to ride her. If you told me that six months later she would be breezing through a 15 mile ride, barely breaking a sweat, I would have marveled at your creative imagination. I never thought Autumn would be my horse. The plan was to rehab her and rehome her. So how come I changed my mind?

I guess part of it is concern for her future well-being. This is a hard time for horses and I worry that if I place her with another, she might again fall on hard times. Then there is the special bond I feel with her, we have come far together and I just enjoy her company. When it comes to a quality trail horse, she is simply awesome - she full of energy without being skittish. I have yet to see her spook at anything. She gives you everything she has; an earnest, sweet horse.

We have logged quite a few trail miles this summer. Friends have ridden her. She is just as wonderful when riding solo as she is when on the trail with 30 other horses. Autumn is 23 years old. Don't let age put you off when adopting. With quality care, horses live long lives. I anticipate many more years of exploring new trails with Autumn.

I still marvel that this sweet girl was abandoned.
I am so lucky she is part of my life.

Here are links to reputable local equine rescues.
Maybe your next horse is already waiting for you.


Kate said...

She is just gorgeous now! That is so wonderful that you have decided to keep her - rehoming a horse that age is always iffy and you're right about conditions now. I expect you two will have many wonderful years together.

Cheryl Ann said...

She's a very pretty girl! I hear 'ya. I have 5 rescues myself!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Rescue horses are often a treasure beyond measure...I love every single on of mine. Out of my current herd of 7 horses only 1 is not a rescue.
Great job with Autum she looks so good.

horseideology said...

I have been thinking of getting a third horse... thank you for this wonderful update about Autumn.

mountain.mama said...

You have done a wonderful thing rescuing Autumn, she is gorgeous now!

CTG Ponies said...

She looks wonderful! I just took on a rescue pony last week. I'm hoping she looks just as good in 6 months. We think she's about 20 years old.

Lori Skoog said...

You have a real bond with this girl and that last photo is positively gorgeous. You changed your mind because you need each's one of those soul things. I appreciate you very much for taking action and saving her life. You are a very special person!