Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best Wishes to My Friend Joe

My friend Joe was sold today. He won't be walking up to me in the general pasture, hoping I have a spare carrot yet content for a few scratches. I accompanied his Mom to "show him". When the deal was closed, we both cried.

How can horses tolerate being traded amongst humans?

I think Joe went to a good family. If I didn't already have have 3 horses, he would have stayed with me. I wish I could have a herd of 20, no 40 horses. I wish all the horses of the world could be guaranteed the safe, loving families they deserve.

Joe was as good of a friend as many of my human type friends.

Joe, I'm really going to miss you.


Sydney_bitless said...

It's sad to see an equine friend go that you do not own and have no say over the life they get sold into.

Shanna said...

I too wonder how horses handle being bounced around. I worry for those that never seem to find a permanent home.

Dan said...

I understand you fully! think of a herd with 50 wild horses with no fense, a romantik view nowdays.
i hope you understand my bad english!
To loose a friend its no fun at all, hope he will come to a good home.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Best wishes to Joe in his new home.
I know how you feel...I wish I had the means to home every unwanted horse and keep them the rest of their lives.

Breathe said...

I hope Joe has gone to his forever home. I think the bouncing around is very stressful, but perhaps I'm just projecting...