Monday, August 23, 2010

Hmmm, What is Red Horse Thinking?

Saturday I was late getting to the stables. I heard that Red Horse had been waiting by the gate for a couple of hours. Funny. He sure ran from me when I tried to catch him earlier in the week. He has been working really hard and got in a lot of trail miles this summer. Hmmm, wonder what he was thinking?

Red Horse to Cayenne: "FINALLY! She is here.
Geeez, don't humans know how to keep a schedule?"

Red Horse to Chere: "Oh, so you're here? I've exhausted myself standing here waiting."

Red Horse to Cherie: "Ah, do you still have those peppermint crunchies?"

Red Horse to Cherie: "You DO! So open this gate already, get me outta here."


mj said...

I think that horses are creatures of habit and get very routinized before we even realize that it's happened. Cute that he waited and wondered the the *heck* you were!

Lori Skoog said...

Red looks terrific!

Sydney_bitless said...

LOL the second last picture.

Terry said...

Red is adorable!