Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red Waits for Me . . .

. . . almost every night. I got to Freshwater quite late tonight after a successful fundraiser for the rescue I volunteer with. Grabbed Red's halter, called to Lena (one of my dogs) and headed to the general pasture thinking I would have to walk the full 90 acres, looking for Red. Before I could even call for him, my Red Horse appeared at the gate. It didn't take much imagination to see that his "arms" were crossed and his toe a 'tappin. "WHERE have you been?"

He might be hungry, he might want his yummy crunchies . . . but when I hug him, scratch him, and listen to his big sigh, I like to think he was waiting just for me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Could Not Save Mr. Blue Eyes

There is only a small part of this story I can tell.
Like so many others, the welfare of the horse takes a second place
to legal threats and law enforcement apathy.
Mr. Blues Eyes was substituted for another horse, by "mistake".
Never mind that he has stunning blue eyes
and the other horse has brown eyes.

Mr. Blue Eyes endured a very long trailer ride and could barely walk,
barely stand on his long, neglected feet when he arrived on the coast
where I made his acquaintance. We promised him
he was safe and that his life would be better.

A few days later the actual horse that was supposed to be shipped was recovered.
The person who let Mr. Blue Eyes get in this sad, sad shape came to retrieve him.
Even though I made a neglect report, local law enforcement returned him to this person.

Mr. Blue Eyes, my heart breaks for you.
I am sorry beyond words.

Know that I wanted you.