Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Could Not Save Mr. Blue Eyes

There is only a small part of this story I can tell.
Like so many others, the welfare of the horse takes a second place
to legal threats and law enforcement apathy.
Mr. Blues Eyes was substituted for another horse, by "mistake".
Never mind that he has stunning blue eyes
and the other horse has brown eyes.

Mr. Blue Eyes endured a very long trailer ride and could barely walk,
barely stand on his long, neglected feet when he arrived on the coast
where I made his acquaintance. We promised him
he was safe and that his life would be better.

A few days later the actual horse that was supposed to be shipped was recovered.
The person who let Mr. Blue Eyes get in this sad, sad shape came to retrieve him.
Even though I made a neglect report, local law enforcement returned him to this person.

Mr. Blue Eyes, my heart breaks for you.
I am sorry beyond words.

Know that I wanted you.


Dan said...

No! Oh that's too much. Is there nothing more that can be done???

Breathe said...

Where was he - can someone check on him?

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Oh my heart simply breaks for this horse. Is there anything we can do? Knowing that most of my herd of 8 would be dead if they had not been rescued this hurts more than I can say. I am so sorry...I cannot imagine how you must feel right now.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help save him from that life.
Sending hugs to him and to you,

One Red Horse said...

This horse is now over 150 miles from me. I have contacted the horse rescue in the town where I believe Mr. Blue Eyes is located. They said they can do nothing. The Sheriff's Deputy involved who said that he couldn't "tell a dog from a horse" had told my friend who was given the horse in a "switch" that if she didn't return it he would charge her with horse theft. My local Sheriff Deputy took the horse into custody and returned it. I hate it that I can't find any options. My lesson? The rescue I volunteer with MUST develop a strong and positive relationship with law enforcement.

Once Upon an Equine said...

I feel very sad for Mr. Blue Eyes. I'm surprised the rescue near him says they can do nothing. They should try to do something, or does nobody know the name and address of the neglectful owner to send authorities to? Is there another rescue in the area you can call who can pester the Sheriff to do a welfare check if the first rescue is apathetic? This would be a good story for the local news media...wrong horse shipped, negligent care is discovered by the receiver, people on the receiving end want to save the starving horse, but the authorities simply send the horse back to the owner who will continue starving the horse until it dies. Very sad story. I just hate when animals suffer at the hands of stupid people like the owner of Mr. Blue Eyes. They obviously don't care enough about the horse to feed him, so why don't they just let someone have him who wants to help him. There are some really sick people out there.