Saturday, October 16, 2010


Sort of a belated Wordless Wednesday ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where You Go, I Will Follow

Tomorrow a very nice sounding person is coming to look at Moose. He may go to live on a ranch in the rugged and beautiful coastal mountains just south of Ferndale.

This person is actually hoping to get two horses for herself and her husband. She wants to be sure the horses she buys will be good companions.

Moose already has a beloved companion - Autumn. Moose and Autumn could give workshops for couples wanting to learn move about loving devotion.

I love Autumn. If you know our story, you will recall that she asked me to save her when she was close to dying from starvation last January. Jennifer rescued Moose, I rescued Autumn. If I could, I would get Moose. He is an awesome horse. I don't have the resources to sustain four horses.

Tomorrow I am going to meet the woman who is interested in Moose. She is also interested in Autumn. I had no intention of parting with Autumn, ever. Yet how can I let these two sweet horses, horses with one of the strongest relationships I have ever known, be separated forever?