Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where You Go, I Will Follow

Tomorrow a very nice sounding person is coming to look at Moose. He may go to live on a ranch in the rugged and beautiful coastal mountains just south of Ferndale.

This person is actually hoping to get two horses for herself and her husband. She wants to be sure the horses she buys will be good companions.

Moose already has a beloved companion - Autumn. Moose and Autumn could give workshops for couples wanting to learn move about loving devotion.

I love Autumn. If you know our story, you will recall that she asked me to save her when she was close to dying from starvation last January. Jennifer rescued Moose, I rescued Autumn. If I could, I would get Moose. He is an awesome horse. I don't have the resources to sustain four horses.

Tomorrow I am going to meet the woman who is interested in Moose. She is also interested in Autumn. I had no intention of parting with Autumn, ever. Yet how can I let these two sweet horses, horses with one of the strongest relationships I have ever known, be separated forever?


Kate said...

You'll know what's right, when it's time. Love the pictures, and love seeing a healthy, happy Autumn. If she's supposed to be a forever horse for you, that will be good as well.

Lori Skoog said...

You are between a rock and a hard place. Both horses look so fabulous, thanks to the good care they have been receiving. You will know what to do when the time comes.

Amy said...

i love and admire you for stepping in to save these horses when they were in such dire straits. it was a huge task to take Autumn on. You have done right by her. i often wonder about horses being separated after being together for a long time. i think it is so callous that people split up horses that have bonded as if it means no more then getting rid of a piece of furniture. Be very sure that these potential owners are honorable and truthful. if you believe they will provide them a good home it might be the right choice to let her go. but if they are 'fair weather' horse people she might meet a fate worse then when you found her. thank you for your blog.

Breathe said...

You'll know what the right thing is when the moment comes. Trust yourself.

gtyyup said...

That's a very hard decision to make...but as everyone else is saying, you'll know if it feels right. You know all the right questions to ask the prospective buyers, and just trust your heart.

Coyote was my first mustang and I thought I'd never part with him. But, he now has the perfect home that love him as much as I did and use him MORE than I it all worked out.

You'll know~

horseideology said...

If it is right you will know it. Get a buy back or allow a lease on Autumn so you can check on her.


One Red Horse said...

To tell the end of the story. We went on a two hour ride with Moose, Autumn and my friend. While the couple was nice enough, they were very inexperienced and didn't really seem to appreciate Moose. While the woman who rode Autumn was very complementary about her saying she was "like butter", she commented that she had not really considered a horse over 14. They wanted to come back for a second ride, but after a couple of days of thinking it through I said I wasn't interested. Felt instant relief. Thank you everyone who helped me think and feel this one through.

allhorsestuff said...

That has to be find the correct people for the horses..But, take your time, as you are.
The peaceful spirit does lend itself to the best answers!
Good for you!
Someone will be perfect for them as they in return~