Friday, December 3, 2010

Updates From the General Pasture and Beyond

A few weeks ago I posted that there might be a chance for Moose and Autumn to be placed together in a potentially wonderful home. I agonized about this decision and got some really excellent advice that helped me make my choice. One of the best questions suggested to "measure" the possibilities of this new situation was "Will this move make her any happier than she is now?" Here is Autum's opinion . . .

Autumn stayed where she wanted to be, much to my delight. Moose stayed too because his caretaker Jennifer and I agreed that he was not fully appreciated by his potential adopters. But recently Moose was ridden by the husband of a good friend who fell in LOVE with Moose. This very sweet man is now Moose's new owner. Autumn has spent almost a week in the general pasture without her devoted gelding. What has been her fate?

In a herd where the geldings outnumber the mares 3 - 1, there are many contenders for Autumn's affection. The handsome Jarvis is currently at the top of the list.

Lyra has been enjoying her almost complete retirement, well deserved at over 25 years old.
We are now in the hardest season to keep her at a decent weight, yet she is doing fine.

Some of my greatest moments are shared with my Red Horse. I am deeply touched at the way our partnership continues to deepen. Red makes himself heard on many levels. He continues to have distinct opinions about most things. In this photo he is saying "Why NO I do most certainly NOT want to leave this cozy barn until I can crunch down on more good things to eat."

In August I went on the Board of Directors of a small equine rescue in my town. Wanna guess why I haven't been able to blog so much lately? We have put together a fine team. With our last recruitment of volunteers, the disintegrated internal structure is rebuilt to the degree that we can once again respond to horses in need. This was the organization that told me they could not take Autumn last winter. I didn't want that to happen to other people trying to help a horse.

Angel (pictured here) has been "in" the rescue since 2004. While she has was in a couple of foster homes, she needs and deserves her own loving family. She is a lovely, sweet senior mare.

The rescue is preparing to take in a 15 year old mustang stallion, Charlie. It is amazing that he has remained a stallion since his capture many years ago in Nevada.
Not so amazing, definitley disturbing, has been the neglect and abuse he has suffered.

His sad, wise eyes tell the story of a courageous soul who in spite of his misuse by human beings still responds politely and kindly to human requests. We are making arrangements for Charlie, starting with a trip to the vet to bring his status as a stallion to an end.

At a recent clinic with Heather Snow-Flamer, I learned about finding the edge of my horse's "comfort zone" and then gradually increasing his exposure to pressure through the delightfully challenging trials that Heather had devised for us. If I had tried the umbrella a few years ago, I would be holding it on my way to the moon.

I love this expression on my Red Horse's face as he watches another horse go through the "tunnel of doom".
What do you think he is trying to tell me?


Anonymous said...

You have been busy! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Good for you for getting that rescue working again. The clinic looks like fun - I think Pie would be fine with an umbrella, but Dawn? My imagination runs wild (which is about what she'd do)! Seriously, we've been working on scary objects and she's making great progress.

Sydney_bitless said...

Thats such great news! Glad the rescue is working.
I am sure Indigo would be fine with all the umbrella and tunnel of doom. However her quirks come out on the trail.

Máire said...

I came across your blog a while ago and I do like the way you write about the horses. I am interested in your account of the rescue centre. It is a new and growing problem in Ireland as we have too many horses in the country now in a bad recession. This winter is going to expose quite a lot of hardship I fear.