Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Random Updates

In just a minute I'm going to go and mow the calf-high grass in my front yard. I'm still warming up from falling in mud while dealing with horse fight issues in the pasture for the rescue I volunteer with. Mud sucked my boots and over I toppled. Sigh. Here are random pictures from the last few weeks.
Autumn has a new beloved, Web.

All the horses have had their hoofs in water or muck for what feels like months.
Frogs are not looking so pretty, abscesses are taking over.

Stella is still terrified of horses. I have to pull her out of the car to take her for a walk.

Autumn fared the winter quite nicely.

Lyra had a much harder time.

Last week she was diagnosed with moon blindness - she is doing much better this week.

Quincy, who went into a rescue a few months ago,
has lost his dangerous weight and looks like a regular horse.

The rescue is looking for a trainer to deal with some of his bad behaviors - he has a serious "lunge" when being leg that rips the rope out of the leader's hands.

I'm working on re-balancing all the parts of my life. I got behind
during a family crisis in January and am still working on catching up.

Lyra and her friend Zindi are the two "granny horses" of the general pasture. They are BFF.
Even Red Horse has been effected by the endless rain of this winter. Some nights he let me know he really preferred to stay in his stall where it would be nice and dry. Usually Red is not a stall kind of guy.


Breathe said...

Good to hear from you again. I hope life settles a bit..

Michelle said...

Good to see you back! Hope things are a bit better now. Loved the photos, the horses all look so happy in the fields of grass and flowers!