Thursday, June 23, 2011

Autumn Runs Like the Wind - In the Wrong Direction

Tonight my friend Laura called and invited me to go riding. By the time I got up to Freshwater Stables and entered the general pasture, my mind was full of anticipation and excitement. I am hitting the summer trail a bit late this year and just working on getting me and my horses back in shape. Walking through the gate I could see the herd, they were close. I had already decided to ride Autumn again. As I entered the meadow, I saw my lovely mare . . . running fast in the opposite direction.

Autumn: I heard that thought! NO MORE RIDING!!! I'm so outta here.

Cherie: A few cuss words, actually many cuss words got muttered as I
watched my mare get smaller and smaller in the distance.

Autumn: Like how I canter? Watch me RUN. Far away from YOU!

WHAT! She's still there? Impossible.

I'll just head in this other direction.

And maybe skootch in behind my BFF Cayenne (who pins ears).

STILL there? FINE. How do ya like the sight of my tail . . .

Heading even farther away from YOU.

HA! That'll stop her.

Nooooooooooooooooo. She just keeps on coming after me.

Autumn: Red, hide me from her.
Red: Forget it, Cherie's middle name is relentless, just give it up.

Autumn: Fine, whatever. Let's go on your STUPID ride and get it over with.

And it was a mighty fine ride. At least for one of us.


Lori Skoog said...

Autumn looks sensational! Glad you ended up catching her. Happy summer!

Tintsu said...

Haha I love this :D Those texts and pictures, wonderful : D

Esther Garvi said...

LOL! Good for you, Cherie! And by the way, Autumn is one beautiful horse!

One Red Horse said...

Thanks everyone. She was such a stinker. I gotta say, once she was headed out on the trail she gave me nothing but a wonderful ride.