Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going Camping on Horse Mountain

I'm going HORSE CAMPING someplace close to Horse Mountain (love the synchrony). Because Red is a bit sore still growing out abcess channels, he is not really in trail shape. I'll be riding Autumn.

Autumn: Hey, I heard my name. What is this baloney about
ME carrying you up and down some mountain? I don't think so, Cherie.

*Looks around* Just take me back to the general pasture. We'll talk about this later.

So Red, we've got to talk. I think its a crock of manure that you are "too sore"
to make it on this trip. Admit it, you're totally faking, aren't you. And while
you're at it, tell me more about "horse camping", is it as horrible as it sounds?

To be continued . . .


Lee said...

Nice pics of the horse and post.

belly fat

Esther Garvi said...

Hehe! Do we have an idea of who will be winning this battle?! I believe her name is NOT Autumn! :-D