Monday, June 27, 2011

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle . . .

. . . a large, noisy creature was thrashing about. Oh WAIT! That's my backyard! And THAT'S my SON!

My son Jesse and his wonderful girlfriend

Shauna surprised me with some badly needed assistance reclaiming

the overgrown jungle that was once my backyard.

Jesse and his Husqvarna weed whacker made easy work of the months
and months of overgrown foliage that defied my lawn mower when

I tried to tackle the wild blackberry, choke vine, and nettle that thrived where
formerly well-tended flower beds once enjoyed the southern exposure.

What on earth created this fierce, tangled jungle?
Actually three things contributed to the overgrowth.

Red, Lyra, and Autumn! While I'm horse rich when it comes to the
joy of time spent with my little herd, as Jesse said, I'm horse poor
when it comes to having enough time to attend to all the parts of my life.

Thanks to Jesse and Shauna, the back yard is coming close to
being manageable once again. This summer I'm looking forward to reclaiming
my flower beds and maybe planting a vegetable garden.

Thank you SO much Jesse and Shauna for your amazing suprise!
How wonderful that I can actually use my lawn mower now.

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

How wonderful of them to do that for you. Enjoy you new found backyard