Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Official Start of My Summer Trail, 2011

I am lucky - really, really lucky. For the last 14 years I have had summers off. One of the many blessings of my job as a school social worker. I love my job! And I an grateful for the time summers give me to replenish my physical and emotional cup. The last winter was a bit on the intense side and I have some serious replenishing to do.

A couple of weeks ago I was home sick (again) and slogging through the internet looking for immune boosting ideas. I stumbled upon the paleo diet. It felt REALLY interesting to my body and I decided to try a modified version. So I'm going slightly paleo for my summer journey. This means no flour or grain which is fine by me. Two weeks into this and I definitely have more energy. I've dramatically increased my meat intake (grass fed if beef - no corn fed). And found a recipe for coconut flour pancakes when I am really craving something yummy. I also learned that all food has tendencies towards inflamation or anti-inflamation. Here is a really cool page where you can find the inflammatory rating of what you eat - Self Nutrition Data.

It is easy to figure that my summer trail will be filled with horses, horse rescue, and some wonderful trail-riding around Humboldt County. I want to include more photography, blogging, a return to painting, and a regular practice of mindfulness. And more time with these characters:

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Lori Skoog said...

How nice it is to read your words and look at your photos. Welcome to summer.